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    Montag, 16. Februar 2009

    Localisation testing of multilanguage .NET applications

    When you create multilingual .NET applications, it is necessary to test the application build in the correct language context. By using LocTester it is possible to execute an assembly in the desired culture context. When I tried LocTester with the source code included testing utility it worked fine. To get it running using a multi assembly application I had to make some modifications:


    You also have to copy LocTester to the application path where the executed assembly is located. Otherwise related assemblies won't be found. If anyone has a hint on how to change this behavior, please comment or mail me.

    Microsoft has some hints on this topic which can be found in the MSDN library, i.e. to test your applications localizability by translating it into a pseudo language containing foreign characters (like using  "ç" instead of "c" or "ä" instead of "a") and adding some text to vary the length of text tokens.

    If you want to test your application with another Windows UI language you will need the Language Interface Pack (LIP) for Windows XP or Windows Vista.

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